2023-06-10 $88 to the MSPCA.
"I made this donation because I think that is important to help animals and when my girl scout troop visited there I really wanted to help."
2022-08-03 $15 to the Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative for the support of the Nucleic Acid Observatory
"I don't like pandemics"
2022-03-18 $154, to the Charities Aid Foundation for regranting to the Polish Center for International Aid
"I decided to do this because, well, I feel like children and adults in Ukraine are going through tough times and I know that they really need our help. I just wanted to donate a few dollars to help them."
2019-10-12 $34, Against Malaria Foundation
"This is the most money I've got so far, so I think this will get a lot of malaria nets and it's great"
2019-10-06 $25, Against Malaria Foundation
"Thank you for helping me help the world with malaria nets. This time I gotten more money than last time, even though I was disappointed. So this is a good thing and I am happy about it"
2019-09-28 $21.75, Against Malaria Foundation
"I want people to be safe in the world from biting mosquitoes. I don't want them getting hurt, and especially I don't want the kids like me to die"

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