Fixing a Tire


I noticed that there was a hole in one of the park toys at the park near my house, Lexington Park, specifically. It was one of those toy cars that babies scootch around in, and one of the front wheels was broken. It had a big hole in it, and there was a crack running almost all around it.

I decided to go home and get my toolbelt to fix it. I decided that probably tape and cardboard would be the best materials because metal and wood and stuff wouldn't really keep the right shape.

First I started by putting the tape all around the crack so that the crack would hold together.

Then I cut a toilet paper tube in half and I used the tape to tape it into place. Then I added more tape so that the whole toilet paper tube was covered. That way it would be pretty waterproof.

Then I decided to try and test it. With a little help from my little sister Nora, who is one, I tested it out. I put her in the car and pushed her around, and the wheel held!

Then a few days later when I came back to the park the wheel that I had just patched, the whole wheel, had fallen off the car. And I couldn't find the wheel. I guessed that someone had probably thrown it out. But then, the next day, when I came back, the wheel was back on the car. And the patches were still there!

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