I think that once a kid is in third grade they should be able to get a phone. I think that while sometimes parents might want kids not to have them at certain ages, phones can be quite useful at times. Tablets don't have GPS, they don't have WiFi when you're out of the house, but a phone does have all that stuff.

Have you ever tried putting a tablet in your pocket? I don't think so! They definitely don't fit. But a phone will: they're tiny and portable, which is quite useful sometimes.

Also, a phone has a better camera than a tablet does. If you're like me, and you love taking pictures, a tablet is good, it's decent, but a phone, the pictures on it are much better and they're also much more easily accessible. Also a phone has more modes on the camera, so you can take pictures at night, which you can't very well do on either of the tablets I've used.

With a phone, you can also use a fingerprint scanner, which you can't on a tablet. Sometimes, on a tablet, the password might not be enough, especially if you're trying to keep your little sister out. Basically, on a tablet anyone can pretty easily get in if they see you typing in the code—bam! They'd be able to get into your tablet. But with a phone, they're perfect because you can just put your fingerprint in. And because no two fingerprints are alike they can't get in.

With a walkie-talkie, they only go a certain distance before they stop working and you can't talk to anyone anymore. But if you have a phone you can just call someone or text them no matter how far you go. Like, I might want to got to Albion Park, I might want to take a journey down the bike path farther than I can go with a walkie talkie, or I might want to visit one of my friends who lives farther away. This is one of the reasons I think I should get a phone.

When I'm going places I'm not very well able to get directions from a walkie talkie, but a phone has a GPS so I can just type where I want to go into the GPS. I can see where I am, and I can see exactly the way to the place I want to go. Unlike a tablet, which has no GPS at all, a phone does have GPS. That means if I'm exploring somewhere I've never been before I might use the GPS to see what's nearby or see where I'm going. That's partly why I think phones are something that I should be allowed to have.

Though some kids might not have enough money to afford the many costs of a phone, if I ask my parents for more allowance they might be willing to give me a bit more. I'd also do chores around the house for money that would get me about one dollar a day, because a phone costs about one dollar a day. If I did my laundry and I took out the garbage and the recycling, and I changed Nora's diaper sometimes, or I washed dishes, or put away the clean dishes fresh out of the dishwasher, or if I even just set the table, I think that would equal out to about one dollar a day. So I would have enough to pay for my phone.

Also, when I turn nine on my birthday I really want a phone. That's why I think that nine is a good age to have a phone. Some parents might disagree with me, though: while I think nine is a good age they might think ten, or eleven, or even fourteen! While nine year olds are younger, and some parents might think of them as less responsible, I think a nine year old is quite responsible.

I think some parents might not trust their child to do some things on a phone, but I think most kids, if they're good at using tablets and computers and stuff, then it wouldn't be too different to use a phone. Because, isn't a phone just like a smaller better version of a tablet?

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