How I Lost My Shoe


I was walking around in London when I saw this gigantic building shaped like an egg.

Then I walked around it a little and I saw these pillars that had glass on one side, but one side didn't have glass. There was kind of a hole so it was kind of like a case, and I wanted to try and climb in. So I walked over and started to climb in, but I was having trouble. I got my ankle in, but when I tried to get it out it didn't work; it was stuck. I needed to try something different. I took off my shoe, and my ankle came out. But my shoe fell into the hole and I wasn't able to get it out.

I ran over to Papa and I asked "can you help me, I lost my shoe?" He came over with me and helped me get my shoe out. He lifted me in, I grabbed my shoe, and he lifted me out again. The end.

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