Why Neighborhoods Should Have Speed Bumps


I have several reasons I think why neighborhoods should have speed bumps.

First, speed bumps are very useful to stop cars from hitting people in the streets.

Second, when construction workers installed speed bumps on the street in front of our house it was very useful to me because my parents decided to let me cross that street, and now I can go to the park and my friends house and a bunch of other places without my parents having to walk me there.

There is a downside to speed bumps, which is that when you're driving in a car you might have to slow down, which can be kind of annoying sometimes. But even with this downside I think that speed bumps are mainly a good thing because it allows a lot more kids to cross streets and that means they can be more independent and go places they want to go without having to ask their parents to walk them there.

In my opinion I think streets should probably have speed bumps but only in a neighborhood, because if you're driving along on a highway and there's a speed bump you might hit it too fast and that would be kind of bad. Also there aren't kids that are randomly walking across the highway so it's not really that useful on the highway. People don't usually go "tralalalala I'm going to go walk across the highway".

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